Tell me what you eat, and
I will tell you what you are.

Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
1755 – 1826

We supply beautifully made desserts
that are tailor-made for
you to serve to your customers.

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  • Casual Dining & Coffee Chains
  • Education & Healthcares
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    for you

    the meal

    The Best Desserts
    Should Not Be
    Reserved For The Few.

    It is this belief that drives Savarin’s
    tailor-made creations, its choice of the
    finest and purest ingredients and why the
    word ‘premixes’ requires that you place a
    penny in the swear jar in the office.

    Only the best
    with a little bit
    of best on top

    You’ll find no settling for a ‘cheaper
    alternative’, not even a murmur of ‘penny
    pinching’ here. In every single Savarin creation
    the only predictable ingredient is that it will be
    the finest it can be, because we understand that
    great things are made of great things.

    You’ll find every single
    ingredient is the finest.

    More refined with
    less refined sugar

    Savarin is proud to not only create the tastiest
    desserts, but also to...

    spare the need for those
    internal arguments with yourself.

    By making the most of the sugars that come
    naturally in ingredients such as fruit and chocolate
    we use significantly less sugar in comparison to
    others. This is a promise we find people love to
    discover again and again.

    Crafted from

    A slither of The Association
    of Pastry Chefs ‘Dessert of
    the Year’ Winner.

    A mouthful of two-time Winner of the Salon
    Culinaire Gold Medal. In every bite of a Savarin
    dessert created under the experienced guidance of
    our Executive Pastry Chef Alannah Francesca, you’ll
    discover years of craft that give Savarin
    a very special something.

    Detail on
    every scale

    The high standards set by Savarin can be
    found on every scale – in small, medium
    and large volumes. Whether you are a
    boutique hotel or a global airline, we are
    committed to making sure that...

    our desserts leave a ‘Wow!’
    on everyone’s lips.

    the mold

    It was a chance meeting on a garage forecourt
    between Jan Bijsterbosch (steering wheel in
    hand) and Rehan Samee that led to the formation
    of a company so passionately devoted to changing
    the face of desserts. Not long after, Executive
    Pastry Chef Alannah Francesca joined the team
    (admittedly in a more traditional fashion) but it
    should go a little way to explaining why Savarin is
    anything but your average dessert company.

    A chance meeting led to
    a little Savarin dessert.

    We’re in the
    business of
    making you happy

    We create desserts that are
    tailor-made for you and your
    business, no matter what you’re
    in the business of.

    We enjoy going that extra mile because we
    genuinely love what we do. And we make sure you
    not only have unforgettable desserts but that you
    are just as impressed with the level of service that
    is served up with it.

    Try us, we'll even do the dishes.

    If you have any questions,
    here’s where you can find us…

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